Wordsearch - Key Stage 4

Can you answer the questions and find the correct answer in the wordsearch?

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  • 1 What is the name of the study of science of flight?
  • 2 The fastest ever passenger plane that flew until 2003?
  • 3 What is the name of the action an aircraft performs when it lifts its nose just before landing?
  • 4 What does a pilot use to turn an aeroplane?
  • 5 What type of lamp might an air traffic controller use to give instructions to an aircraft without a radio?
  • 6 What is the name for the main section of the plane where passengers sit?
  • 7 What are the hinged sections on aeroplane wings called?
  • 8 What type of single seater fighter aircraft did the Royal Air Force use during WW11?
  • Using the cardinal points of the compass, which direction would you fly to get from London to…
  • 9 Berlin
  • 10 Dublin
  • 11 Aberdeen
  • 12 Barcelona
  • 13 If you started in New York and flew North West, where would you end up? Vancouver; Nairobi; Oslo; Mexico City
  • 14 From Moscow you fly South West, where do you end up? Reykjavik; Milan; Istanbul; Tehran
  • 15 Starting in Sydney, where would you go if you flew North East? Malaysia; Madagascar; FIJI; Antarctica
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