Christmas challenge

Santa needs to deliver these presents by drone, but must ensure he does not break the rules of the drone code. This means he cannot fly over busy areas, buildings and airports and train lines. Can you navigate a path to drop off all the gifts to each child without breaking the drone code? Make sure you fly the drone up to Santa’s elf without running out of battery, check you have not exceeded the range of the drone! Follow the grid lines on the map, each square is 1km and you should try not to go over your own path!

Start by watching our helpful intro video

View intro video

Download and print your copy of Santa’s drone path map using the links below. (Choose your Key Stage depending on your skill level).

Download Map (Key Stage 1) Download Map (Key Stage 2) Download Map (Key Stage 3)

Having trouble finding the right path for Santa to follow? Download the answers below.


Remember to follow the drone usage rules

If you have a drone, to keep you and others safe, you may well need to register with us and pass a quick flyer ID test on our website. You can register, get your flyer ID and find more information at

The main rules and advice are covered in our Drone and Model Aircraft Code

Key rules to follow:

Never fly more than 120m(400ft) above the surface
Always keep your drone or model aircraft in sight
Never fly in an airport’s flight restriction zone unless you have permission