Wordsearch - Key Stage 2

Can you answer the questions and find the correct answer in the wordsearch?

If you get stuck, there are the answers below that you can match to the questions but see how far you can get with your knowledge!

  • 1 Who flies a plane?
  • 2 A small, remote-control aircraft you might have in your house!
  • 3 Resolves faults, fixes planes and solves problems.
  • 4 Ensures passengers are safe when flying.
  • 5 What is the name of the UK’s military air force?
  • 6 Ensures your bags make it to the plane.
  • 7 What is the nick name of the Boeing 747?
  • 8 Where the pilot sitsin an aeroplane.
  • 9 Enables communication across the world and orbits round the earth
  • 10 An invisible force that gives weight to physical objects

Match the answer to the question

  • Pilot
  • Drone
  • Engineer
  • Cabin crew
  • RAF
  • Baggage Handler
  • Jumbo jet
  • Cockpit
  • Satellite
  • Gravity