The Air League – Inclusivity in Aviation

4 March 2024

On Thursday 22nd February, the Air League and the British Gliding Association jointly hosted the Inclusivity in Aviation Reception, held at the House of Commons, Westminster. The event, generously sponsored by the University of West London, Lockheed Martin and Draken Europe and supported by Steve Baker MP and Mark Garnier MP, brought together over 200 Air League Members and representatives from across aviation, with the aim of promoting inclusivity within the industry.

Featuring a networking reception, questionnaire, and speeches from industry representatives, the Reception encouraged positive action to join the work undertaken at grass roots with the career pipeline to make a career in aviation possible for anyone. British Airways’ Captain Suzanne Morgan and Draken’s Sophie Lowton gave speeches on the work being done by organisations in aviation, and how more can be done to improve social mobility and accessibility for all.

A highlight of the evening was the inspirational talk from disabled pilot Charlotte Storey who spoke about her journey into aviation and overcoming barriers and adversity to achieve success.

The Inclusivity in Aviation Reception also saw the launch of the Air League’s Inclusivity Roadmap, in partnership with the Department for Transport. The Roadmap covers six main aims:

Stating the intent to be more diverse and inclusive.

Programme to increase career entry opportunities.

An adaptable, equitable workplace.

Opportunity to engage business leaders.

Facilitating learning opportunities.

Recognition of colleagues’ achievements.

Following this we will be asking people what their takeaway actions are from the event, the Aviation Generation team will then run with this as a follow up action in 6 months’ time to see what people have achieved and a follow up event will be held in the autumn.

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