British Science Museum Gallery Takeover Event

11 March 2024

During February half term, the London Science Museum experiences its busiest time of the year. The Museum’s new and engaging Technicians Gallery brings to life a wide variety of workplaces to highlight these vital technician roles. We offered a Generation Aviation gallery takeover for four days during the half term, Tuesday 13 to Friday 16 February 2024. Here we promoted the role of technicians as part of the Department for Transport’s Generation Aviation programme and UK Civil Aviation Authority STEM programme.

This was an exciting opportunity to promote aviation/ aerospace technician careers at the London Science Museum It also provided an excellent showcase for young people to see the exciting technician roles within aviation and aerospace. This gallery takeover supports the gallery’s key message that Technicians are essential, they make a real difference in your life, and you could become one too.

CAA colleagues; Mark Baker, Colin Greenwood, Edward Fitzpatrick, Helen Leadbetter, Lisa O’Rourke, Sumal Kodippili, Chris Booth and Yvette Loxton demonstrated new ways to educated and inspire young children, youth groups and families with innovative activities including a Wire Lock challenge, Wind Tunnel Demonstration, Airports of the Future, Where’s DG (dangerous goods) and a Paper Plane challenge. The sheer volume of people they met over the four days is impressive. They demonstrated fantastic innovation, news ways of collaboration and working together to inspire the public about careers in the Aviation and Aerospace sector. They collaborated with Stakeholders such as Heathrow and the DfT inviting one of their new Aviation Ambassadors join their stand – well done to all involved.

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