How to apply for a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award activity

Before providing us with any personal information, we’d like to tell you how we’re going to use it. If you don’t understand or are unsure about any information provided to you then you should talk to a trusted adult before you continue.

Our Privacy Policy can be found here: STEM privacy policy

How to register with us

  1. Register with the DofE through a DofE leader. There is also a DofE app on IOS and Android.
  2. Once you have your eDofE ID for your DofE account, find a course on the STEM website you want to do.
  3. Email with the following details:
    • Email Subject: CAA STEM Course Registration
    • Name:
    • Age:
    • Course: (full title including months)
    • Contact email:
  4. Once received you will receive an email reply with the activity sheet. This is confirmation you are registered to the course you chose.
  5. Record your hours spend on the paper or e-logbook on your DofE account.
  6. Once the tasks are completed, email to confirm you have done.


Each week in the activity sheets for the courses we provide are designed to last an hour a week on average. Each course is designed for different durations of time so make sure you know how long the course you have registered your participation through the CAA is the correct one.

Award levelMinimum time for skills sectionNotes
Bronze3 – 6 monthsYou must spend an extra 3 months in one of the volunteering, physical or skills sections.
SilverPhysical and Skills: one section 6 months and the other section 3 months.This can be made up of as many of the activities we provide to fit your timeframe.
GoldPhysical and Skills: one section 12 months and the other section 6 months.This can be made up of as many of the activities we provide to fit your timeframe.
Timescales for each award level